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You are an open-minded, pure and beautiful soul taking a Spiritual Journey

You dream of an amazing, happy and abundant life but you are not sure you can create it.
You believe you can’t control your emotions, speak your truth, or make decisions with confidence.
You believe that you are unworthy of the happiness and peace you want to experience.

You long for the right support and guidance to heal your wounds, release the stories that holds you back and manifest your deepest desires in a safe, judgement-free zone.

You’re in the right place.

Hi! I’m Marialuz, a Success Life Coach and Energy Healer. I provide life-changing Holistic and Energy Therapies so you can experience the Lovely Soul Healing process while creating your most desired and unapologetic life.

Along with coaching, I use my intuitive gifts and work with Akashic Records, Reiki and Angel Cards, and other methods as support tools – creating a compassionate process for you to move through, healing and releasing your emotional pain, struggles, anxiety, and doubts.

Together we figure out the exact steps you need to take to be the best, most joyful, and most authentic you that you can be.

Are you ready to refocus on what really matters, gain the confidence to take your power back, and reignite your passion for life?

Do you long for true and lasting healing and transformation?

Let’s do it!

You have the power to heal yourself and transform your life.

You can feel empowered and supported.
You can enjoy the freedom to explore your dreams.
You can embrace your divinity.
You can release out your inner power to express your magic and wisdom.

With my support through one-on-one coaching and healing, you can transform your beliefs, reconnect with yourself, and find joy in your relationships again.

This is a self-discovery process where you’ll work on your soul, mind and body. You will determine what really matters to you and place your focus there. You’ll fall in love with yourself again by embracing your true identity.

As we progress, you’ll establish and achieve your goals, making you feel empowered and grateful for possessing the courage and strength to change your life for the better, making it the amazing adventure you have always dreamed of.  

Start your journey now


You are not alone, you have guides who have answers for you and who are rooting for your success. I can connect you with them.
During an Akashic Records Consultation, I open your Records and communicate with your Spirit Guides channelling their messages and answers back to you. This can be extremely valuable information because it offers specific knowledge relating directly to your personal soul journey.

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I bring my vision and my experience as a holistic therapist to our one-on-one work.
Coaching is done with the assistance of your Akashic Records.
During our sessions, we explore your inner world. We connect to your guides and higher energies, allowing us to discover what it is that you need to let go of or do to move forward and manifest the change you want in your external world.

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My intuitive and energy work is centered on balancing the chakras. These are the seven main energy centers located in your body. The energy exchange between you and the people around you, and you and your environment, happens inside your chakras. When your chakras are clear, aligned, and balanced according to your energy frequency, your life and interactions with others are also positive and balanced.

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There’s little in life more satisfying than the feeling that at last you’ve taken ownership of yourself.
~ Marianne Williamson

Shari-D-TeigmanMarialuz is the most loving, nurturing and intuitive kind soul and she led me through an understanding and healing of something that has been stuck in me my whole life. 

Shari D Teigman


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